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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Ирина wrote:Программа с Татьяной Николаевой Мишиной.
с 19 мин о Е.Плющенко ... 6e08874375

Thank you so much, Irina :plush39: So, what did Tatyana Nikolaevna say? :hi_hi_hi:
by Kudryavka
05 Mar 2012, 18:39
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

THANK YOU, IRINA!!!!!!!! :plush40:
...После Ванкувера он очень много работал,как с нуля учил повороты,крюки,выкрюки,дорожки.. Это для него очень сложно,но это надо знать Евгения,видеть каждый день как он этим занимается!
I'm really impressed :cry_ing:
Zhenya is one of the greatest athletes in the history of men's figure skating. But, even if he's a multiple champion, he never stop learning from zero!!!!! :plush5: I imagine how difficult it was. :plush35: He is really strong person. That's why I respect him. :co_ol:
by Kudryavka
07 Mar 2012, 13:47
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

Happy 71st Birthday, Alexei Nikolaevich!! I wish you great health, happiness and prosperity, to all your wishes come true :ya_hoo_oo: :son-ce: (i don't know this is correct spelling. lol) :-)
by Kudryavka
08 Mar 2012, 14:32
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Educational Video of PCS for Judges

Do you still remember about "a series of judges' educational videos" about PCS , before Vancouver? Probably this is it.

ISU Components 2011

Skating skills


Performance & execution



Can anybody download? :plush38: I wanna DL but too many vids on YT :kli_ny:
by Kudryavka
08 Mar 2012, 07:51
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Sunday, March 11, 2012
Two-time Men's Olympic Champion challenges credibility of World Figure Skating Hall of Fame

Dick Button to boycott his vote for World Figure Skating Hall of Fame 2012 nominees: Open Letter Challenges HOF leadership on lack of transparency and integrity

March 9, 2012

To: Dr Larry Mondschein
Chair of USFSA Hall Of Fame Nominating Committee

Members and Electors of the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame

Dear Larry

Thank you for reminding me today was the deadline for voting in the 2012 election of members of the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

I regret to inform you that I will not cast a ballot this year. This has been a long and painful decision because I am an admirer of the nominees and hope my decision will not affect the outcome.

My reason for abstaining is because I think the World Hall of Fame has lost its independence, its accountability, its transparency and its integrity.

Some reasons

* The World Hall Of Fame is operated by the USFSA. It should be run by an independent organization with no political connections.

* The WHOF is overseen by a Committee of the USFSA: appointed by the USFSA and not accountable to the members or other electors of the Hall. That Committee exercises what appears to be unfettered discretion in deciding how the balloting is conducted and whose names are on the ballot.

* Larry, you have frequently stated "the Nominating Committee thoroughly reviews the credentials of all nominees against published criteria contained within the Nominating Packet, and available for viewing online." That is not true. The Nominating Packet contains no criteria at all. Instead, it provides a means for a nominator to set forth all the reasons why that person thinks a candidate should be elected. That is NOT "criteria," but it does give the Nominating Committee complete cover for doing whatever it wants to do regardless of qualifications.

* As for easy access… that Nominating Packet was originally linked on the Hall of Fame website, it is now available only if you know the web address and type it in manually:

* Larry you have confirmed that written procedures regarding nominations and who gets on the ballot exist and also noted repeatedly that they are not publicly available. There is no reason why the GUIDELINES for decisions by the Nominating Committee have not been provided to the members and other electors of the Hall. Are the nominators expected to nominate in a vacuum??

* I have been involved with the Hall long enough (and much longer than all other members of the Nominating Committee, with the exception of Ben Wright) to know that procedures in the past have been remarkably uniform: (A) a person nominated in one year will remain under consideration for the following two years without the need for subsequent nominations, and (B) a candidate who is put on the ballot one year will remain on the ballot for the following 2 years if not elected sooner, subject only to certain clear exceptions which are essentially that:

a candidate receives too few votes in the first year... or the vote count drops so significantly over the course of two successive ballots... or newly discovered facts that might disqualify a candidate come to light...

If this does not present an accurate description of those key procedures, the Nominating Committee can easily clarify what they are by publishing them.

* All competitors are required to follow publicly reported rules. The procedures for the Hall should reflect the same principle. Those rules should become effective only when the members and other electors of the Hall vote in favor of them; rules that have been effective (even if only by "tradition") should not be changed without their consent by recorded vote.

* Larry... when you and I worked on the rules for the WHOF we obtained the balloting services of an accredited Accounting Firm. Now the USFSA conducts the balloting. The results of the ballots are NOT reported so there is no accountability to the international community that the Hall is supposed to honor. If the USFSA cannot find a pro bono Accounting firm I will be pleased to pay for such for independent supervision.

* The USFSA does not follow its own rules. U.S. federal law (the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act) requires that athletes hold "20 percent of the membership and voting power" of all "committees and entities" of the USFSA. If the Nominating Committee has 6 members, that means at least 2 of its members would have to satisfy the requirements to be an athlete. Unless you, Larry, are an ex officio member and have no vote, two members would have to satisfy the "athlete" requirement as defined by that law (inc the 10 year limitation), but in fact not one of them does.

* There is little TRANSPARENCY... 3 candidates who appeared for the first time on the 2011 ballot were removed from the 2012 ballot. One of them, Sonja Bianchetti, had received 48% of the vote last year. None of the reasons for deleting a name (as listed above) apply. By contrast, one of the U.S. candidates on this year's ballot is being voted on for the fourth consecutive year. Discrepancies exist that do not create an aura of integrity.

* The plea for transparency and accountability stated in the letter of February 22, 2012 circulated to you and the members/electors of the Hall makes numerous points that deserve a response to us. The failure to do so further demonstrates the lack of transparency and the lack of accountability.

I hope you will consider these matters seriously. The credibility of the World Hall is at stake. If it is not addressed properly with clear procedures of transparency and accountability, the "honor" that the Hall is intended to reflect can very quickly be lost.


Dick Button

CC: Members, USFSA World Hall of Fame Nominating Committee

Brittney Bottoms Tom Collins Joan Gruber

Ann O'Keefe
Blazing Blades Commentary:

I admire and fully back Mr. Button's call for U.S. Figure Skating to relinquish it's oversight and control of the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. The points he lays out in the above letter speak to the total lack of independence, accountability, transparency and integrity.

The political maneuvering from within U.S. Figure Skating (and most likely influenced by those high up within the ISU) is definately compromising the World F.S. Hall of Fame's reputation and future.

Blazing Blades calls upon U.S. Figure Skating to immediately sever it's ties to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame and begin procedures to reorganize this entity under an independent body as called for by Mr. Button.

Blazing Blades further calls upon all other voting members of the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame to join Mr. Button in boycotting their votes for all candidates in this year's balloting to send USFS the strongest possible message on this issue.

Peter Murray

MARCH 11, 2012
Figure Skating Rocked by New Controversy as Dick Button Boycotts Hall of Fame

Monica Friedlander

With only two weeks until the opening of the 2012 World Figure Skating Championships, a new scandal is brewing in a sport so often marred by controversy. This time the commotion does not involve high-profile athletes or competitive judging, but the nomination and election process to the most prestigious honorary body in the sport — the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame (WHOF) — the inductees of which are announced annually at the World Championships. Established in 1976, the Hall of Fame is run by the United States Figure Skating Association.

In an open letter to the WHOF made public today, Dick Button, one of the best known personalities in the sport, announced he would not cast a ballot in this year’s nomination process: “My reason for abstaining is because I think the World Hall of Fame has lost its independence, its accountability, its transparency and integrity,” he wrote, addressing the chair of the organization, Larry Mondschein. Button is a two-time Olympic champion and a television commentator for decades.

The issues he raised are, in fact, very similar to those that so often make figure skating and its judging system hot subjects of controversy: lack of accountability and transparency in decision making. Whether the controversy involves judging itself or induction into an honorary society, the subjectivity of decision making needs to be countered by transparency over how these decisions are made. But the opposite seems to be the case. Under the new judging system, the judging is completely secret, with no one knowing which judge gave which mark to which skater. In the case of the WHOF nomination and induction, there are no written rules, guidelines, or criteria that allow the public or the nominees themselves to understand why someone wins or is placed under nomination while someone else is not.

The nominating committee, Buttons says, “exercises what appears to be unfettered discretion in deciding how the balloting is conducted and whose names are on the ballot … The results of the ballots are not reported, so there is no accountability to the international community that the hall is supposed to honor.”

Sonia Bianchetti in the limelight

Button’s protest appears to have been triggered by the refusal of the WHOF to renominate one of figure skating’s best known and respected officials, former judge and referee Sonia Bianchetti Garbato, who was nominated last year under the category of “outstanding contributors,” which recognizes individuals who have significantly impacted the sport in a non-athletic role. When she was nominated last year, no one in that category garnered enough votes to be inducted, although Bianchetti came close, with 48 percent of the vote (a fact that was never made public, but revealed by Bianchetti and Button.)

Although legally there is no automatic right to renomination, precedent and convention over the years and decades dictate that a person nominated one year will remain under consideration for the following two years without the need for renomination. Snubbing this custom, the nominating committee dropped Bianchetti’s name from the nominating ballot in 2012, in spite of the high number of votes she received last year and the fact that she was actually renominated this year. Meanwhile, Button points out, another candidate is on that same ballot for the fourth consecutive time.

What makes Bianchetti’s case noteworthy is the fact that she has often been an outspoken critic of the International Skating Union and its rules, which has put her out of favor with many insiders in the sport. In particular, Bianchetti has spoken out against the new judging system in figure skating, against corruption in the sport, and has written a book she describes as covering “the politics, the intrigues and the backroom deals behind the most glamorous of sports.”

Not surprisingly, Bianchetti believes she was not considered again because of her politically controversial status. In a letter to the chair of the WHOF she stated, “It would be a real shame if the integrity of the election process has been corrupted through the efforts of individuals to remove my name from the 2012 ballot when they learned of the balloting results from 2011.”

Other Hall of Fame controversies

Bianchetti is hardly the first person to find herself in the middle of a controversy involving a figure skating honorary society. This year alone, Rudy Galindo, one of the most beloved U.S. figure skaters, was “snubbed,” according to many figure skating observers, by not being inducted in WHOF’s sister organization, the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame. A Mexian-American and an openly gay figure skater, Galindo was never in serious contention for a medal when he took the skating world by storm with what may have been the most stunning upset in figure skating history. With an electrifying performance in his home town of San Jose, he won the national title, and a month later he won a medal at the World Championships. With this year’s National Chamionships held in the same arena, it would have been especially fitting for Galindo to have been publicly recognized for his achievements. In fact, he’s such a hero in San Jose that there's a statue of him outside of HP Pavilion and a plaque honoring him inside the building. Yet for the third time, Galindo didn’t make it into the Hall of Fame.

The Galindo controversy did not involve the WHOF, nor is there any direct evidence that he was more worthy of the recognition than others who were inducted. But the publicity given to the issue in the national press, along with Button’s complaint, raise serious issues and public consternation regarding decisions made by these two figure skating bodies. From an outside perspective, there is little rhyme or reason to the decisions they make — nor to the timing of nominations and inductions.

Some skaters have been inducted into the WHOF the very first year they become eligible (five years after retiring from competition), while others have had to wait literally decades. These decisions are not necessarily made according to the accolades won by the skaters, considering that Olympic champions have sometimes faced the longest lag times.

And in other cases, the five-year rule itself seems to have been disregarded. Brian Boitano, Gordeeva and Grinkov, and Katarina Witt were inducted within a year or two after competing at the 1994 Olympics, which would make their election to the Hall of Fame illegal. Arguably, they all first retired in 1988, but they were officially reinstated in 1994 and participated in the Games that year.

Such inconsistencies are not to say that the honorees themselves are less than deserving of the recognition, nor that anyone is entitled to being inducted. Like all other decisions in this extremely subjective sport, the nominations and elections are made by human beings and will sometimes be controversial. Too many people in the sport are deserving of honors. Some will be left out for no fault of their own — or of the Hall of Fame.

But in order to avoid either the reality or the appearance of favoritism or prejudice, the Hall of Fame has an obligation to establish rules or guidelines open to the public so everyone understands what factors are taken into considerations when members of the figure skating community are nominated, inducted, or else overlooked. Nothing of the sort exists now.

Make the Hall of Fame independent

Moreover, Dick Button is right on in calling for the Hall of Fame to not be operated by a committee of the U.S. Figure Skating Association. The WHOF, he said, “should be run by an independent organization with no political connections.”

Just like in all aspects of figure skating judging and decision making, controversy will always be part of the equation, and politics will to some extent always be entangled in such subjective judgment calls. But just because the process will never be perfect is no reason to keep it veiled in utter secrecy. The more efforts are made to make the rules and procedures transparent, the more credibility these organizations and the inductees themselves will have in the eyes of the world.

Concludes Button, “I hope you will consider these matters seriously. The credibility of the World Hall is at stake. If [these issues are] not addressed properly with clear procedures of transparency and accountability, the ‘honor’ that the hall is intended to reflect can very quickly be lost.”

I have been calling The Hall of Fame as The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame for North American , with ironic intent. Where is the name of Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin who can be considered as one of the greatest coaches in the world?

Hall of Fame Members of Russia & Soviet:
- 1978 Liudmila Belousova & Oleg Protopopov (Soviet Union)
- 1988 Liudmila Pakhomova* & Alexander Gorshkov (Soviet Union)
- 1989 Irina Rodnina (Soviet Union)
- 1995 Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov* (Russia)
- 2000 Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko (Soviet Union)
- 2005 Tamara Moskvina (Russia)
- 2008 Tatiana Tarasova (Russia)
- 2009 Nikolai Panin-Kolomenkin* (Russia) * Deceased

From "Eastern side", very few. If you Russians wanted to be entered there, you need coaching at least 4 Olympic champions :-)

I bet Mishin will be listed 50 years after his biological death, like his "grand-father" coach Nikolai Panin-Kolomenkin :plush34:
by Kudryavka
12 Mar 2012, 18:26
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

:hi_hi_hi: LOL. It seems that the best letter will be sent to a world letter competition. Themes are almost the same as Russian competition - Family, teacher, sport (Summer/Winter Olympics and other major sports), etc. Right? :plush38: I hope somebody who wrote about Plushy will go to the Worlds :plush41:

Here is another news about a school girl.

15 years old Japanese junior gymnast Nanase Ashikawa won the ladies' individual all-around event at the Asian Junior Championships, under the music " Tango Amore "!! :co_ol:
She has been suffering from scoliosis since she was in 6th grade. Her back often aches due to that spinal illness. Still she loves her sport and wants to take part in the Olympics 4 years later. So, she made a decision to postpone surgery and continue to compete as long as she can move. Along with back pain :plush36:
I don't know if she likes Plushy but at least she likes Tango Amore plush48 Congratulations on her first major victory :plush39:

by Kudryavka
13 Mar 2012, 18:09
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From Interview with Oda

Nobunari Oda mentioned and highly praised Zhenya in the interview :a_g_a:

Nobu can see clearly for now

Our Japanese correspondent Aiko interviewed Nobunari ODA @ Umeda.
Jan. 26, 2012 in Osaka

JS: (talking about Russian Nationals) What a man! Evgeni Plushenko is! ...He kills 4T somehow.

NO: (laughs) Moreover, his own edge is 3A! that's quite beautiful. Its curve (entry) , timing is always accurate.

JS: I see!

NO: Anyone can't set that accurately, when he is not in-form, is going to fail, BUT! Plushenko! You have never watched him failing in 3A.

JS: Indeed!

NO: That is his great feature, and 4T is beyond mojo... I wonder "How can he make such jumps?"

JS: It's a wonder Nobu wonders about his jumps, as you also kill "sensational" jumps. (*British EURO SPORTS at Cup of China in FS)

NO: He is way beyond me, in a different level far from me. (smiles)

NO: At 2004 EURO championships, he defeated by Brian Joubert, as he missed his first two 3As, "rarely," was looking how he skated, then, in the very ending, finally, he made a 3A!

2004 EURO Evgeni Plushenko FS"Tribute to Nijinsky":
Sacred poetry in dancing, genuine dedication for Vaslav Nijinsky, a Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, such an artist, who would never be seen this world. Plushenko opened the program with 4T-3T-2Lo effortlessly, but the next two 3As were going off the track, the first was derailed at its takeoff (1A fall), the second got singled as well, yet he did the third 3A - where he planned 3Lz - his majesty was demonstrated as 3A-3T-2Lo, though, immediately after that, at the landing of less-preparation 3F his hands touched down. Collage of motion Nijinsky, touches were printed onto the ice, he was flashing in transitions and footworks. Following 3Lz, 3Lo, combination spin with Biellmann, he refilled his program, then made it glow - after a spiral in Biellmann position, at planned 3S, he ran a 3A off! Also, his gutsy attending replaced 3S(doubled) in the last transition for the last spin, that was a testament to the pride. Dadaism could be seen through a kaleidoscope, his changing positions of spins.


NO: In the ending part, which is the toughest part, he gave a really beautiful 3A! Was shocked to watch that! (laughs) In those days, even I hadn't experienced "Close Encounter of 3A" of mine. So I had repeated to watch that, over and over, all the while. (smiles)

JS: Did he attend it in the entry of 3A?

NO: No, he didn't, as I expected that he did a 2A. Big beyond all sense, he was fluttering to rotate 3A!

JS: !! ...How does he make it? Does he have the ultimate timing?

NO: I guess, saving strength, he could execute it with his timing and flow, that makes his 3A so beautiful. ...His motion is ultimate, too.

JS: I think all the sport has the same fundamentals: to match motion with timing.

NO: uh-huh,

JS: So, it doesn't work with only right motion(form), nor only right timing, but it needs both!

NO: So, Plushenko always does, perfectly!

JS: Wow... but, the humans must have different conditions day by day.

NO: uh-huh, the humans must slow motions, wait for its timing, if the humans get tired... BUT! Plushenko! isn't he going to do!? (smiles)

JS: (smiles) Also, if the humans get in too much good shape,

NO: - the humans must have faster motion than usual, to miss its timing. ...We must note that there is an exception, if you were "Evgeni Plushenko". (laughs)

JS: (laughs) - if you were from another star!

NO: Thus, he has topped this world, so long time. I had cast with him in galas, there, he made three 3As in one program! (smiles) Only physical strength can never make it happen.
2010 Prince Ice World

JS: Such expertise makes it happen... kinda, the art of "god"?

NO: uh-huh. It's not a "gift" from god, which could be "beyond human sense".

JS: Slavs, such as Russians athlete, they could be beyond accurate. Of course, their physical strength must work on control, though. Their accuracy is awesome!

NO: He matches himself with its timing, ultimately. I have always gotten inspired when I see his 3A, "...Oh, my."

JS: So, he does always with 4T timing, too?

NO: I have watched all the Plushenko's 4T, so far,


NO: (laughs) All is done with the same timing!

JS: Oh, my.

NO: (before takeoff) Entering from the right back outside edge to rotating, that is done with the same timing. He never waits for its timing!

JS: He matches himself,

NO: - with timing!

JS: Then, he can fix collapsed motion in the air, with his body control, as well.

NO: uh-huh. I have waited for its timing, for a few tenths of "frame (=1/30sec) ", when I get tensed.

JS: uh-huh, its timing is divided by 0.01 sec, among the sports,

NO: but I wait, when I can't wait! - that no one but myself can sense!

JS: - that sense, I can sense, too!

NO: I sense "I'm waiting, I'm waiting for its timing!"

JS: Yes, you sense "it's incorrect timing," have to wait.

NO: Yes, it happens!

JS: ...Such lovely dialogue happens to this interview!, which should be loved by all the sports fan!

NO: (laughs) In any mental condition, I must match myself with "my own timing".
2010 Prince Ice World

(Japanese )


Thank you JapanSkate !
Unfortunately, Oda is recovering from knee injury now, and won't compete in Nice :plush36: I wish him a speedy recovery ASAP :plush47:
by Kudryavka
14 Mar 2012, 10:02
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Re: Ледовые шоу(общая информация) || Shows News

(maybe) Artistry on Ice announced on Chinese twitter that Zhenya will be in China from June 9-17.

09.06 - Taipei
12.06 - Shanghai
15.06 - Shenzhen
17.06 - Beijing

Any news Chinese girls? :plush32: Casts: Shen/Zhao, Plushy, Arakawa, Buttle, Alissa, Kurt, Johnny, others.
by Kudryavka
14 Mar 2012, 11:05
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Re: Ледовые шоу(общая информация) || Shows News

(maybe) Artistry on Ice announced on Chinese twitter that Zhenya will be in China from June 9-17.

09.06 - Taipei
12.06 - Shanghai
15.06 - Shenzhen
17.06 - Beijing

Any news Chinese girls? :plush32: Casts: Shen/Zhao, Plushy, Arakawa, Buttle, Alissa, Kurt, Johnny, others.

confirmed casts by AoI on Chinese twitter : Buttle, Alissa, Kurt, Johnny.

Whether Plushenko will come or not is unknown yet.
Xie xie bigeyegugu!!

Now Mr. Zakaryan told that Plushy will go to China in June.
I have asked also if Zhenya will go to all cities, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and he said "yes"))

But i dont know it will rly happen.. we should wait for official information!!!
This is just info from chat :mi_ga_et:
by Kudryavka
14 Mar 2012, 15:25
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Fuji TV program "Sport" on 24.3.2012
"Strong Heart" that Yuzuru Hanyu gained through the disaster

7:54~ Yuzuru Hanyu vs World Rival


Short translation about Plushy.

Hanyu - (about Plushy) So high nose! Look, like this!! (gesture)
Man - I think everyone knew it. ( ;;-))) )

"Yuzuru Hanyu's idol skater"
- A super star in the figure skating world who captures Yuzuru Hanyu's heart.
Hanyu - It's Plushenko-senshu * .

- Russian hero Evgeni Plushenko. He's the Olympic gold medalist in Turin, and a three-time world champion, a living legend of figure skating.
- Now his successor appeared in Russia - Artur Gachinski ....
"Next King" "Made in Russia"
- Gachinski is next king, a successor of the King of Russia.
* "-senshu" is honorific suffix for athlete.

After this scene, Arakawa says that Gachinski has three quads but Hanyu has two. However, Hanyu has better one. She thinks it doesn't matter who has more quads, and the important thing is its quality and clean landing.
Arakawa also says that they have equal talent. But she believes if both of them have clean programs, Hanyu can beat Gachinski. :du_el:
by Kudryavka
24 Mar 2012, 09:53
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

Fuji TV program "Sport" on 24.3.2012
"Strong Heart" that Yuzuru Hanyu gained through the disaster

Tonight's program will feature Kanako Murakami.

Here is short translation about Zhenya.
by Kudryavka
24 Mar 2012, 10:20
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

28.03.2012, 17:50

Юный последователь Евгения Плющенко живет и тренируется в Уссурийске
(Young follower of Evgeni Plushenko lives and trains in Ussuriysk)

Oksana Meshalkina, mama of Anton who is a competitor (Ussuriysk): "My child is in a second year at the ice arena of Ussuriysk. Anton himself chose this sport. We offered him to go on the ice hockey, but he did not want. This is not the first competition, in which Anton took part. Practicing a lot, there are three workouts a day".
Anton Meshalkin: "I chose figure skating, because I want to become Evgeni Plushenko".
Anton Meshalkin and Avsiniya Avdonkina

Good boy! I want to give him a candy :-)
by Kudryavka
28 Mar 2012, 13:48
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

Artur at practice:


Practice videos 26-27.03.2012

Potential winners by Plushy :du_el:

Patrick Chan

Daisuke Takahashi

Yuzuru Hanyu 19y/o (lol)

also, otehrs.

Takahiko Kozuka

Brian Joubert

Javier Fernandez

by Kudryavka
28 Mar 2012, 09:05
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

In serbian, we that part call: tongue :-)
In Japanese "tongue of shoe leather". I didn't know :-)

19:59 28/03/2012

Ice at World Figure Skating Champs "cracks like glass" - Smirnov

The ice used for the world figure skating championships in Nice “cracks like glass,” ruining performances, former European champion Alexander Smirnov said Wednesday.
All three Russian pairs fell in Wednesday’s short program, and Smirnov and his partner Yuko Kavaguti finished 11th on 59.59 points, far behind German leaders Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy with a score of 68.63.

“I fell because my skate cracked the ice,” Smirnov said. “The ice is all new and very fresh. It just cracks under your feet like glass.”

The pair may be far off the lead, but they still have something to offer in Friday’s free skate, he said.

“We’ve got something to show, a beautiful, good number.”

Earlier Russian skater Maxim Trankov had blamed the ice for his and partner’s Tatyana Volosozhar’s fall, claiming that it crumbled and was of “weird quality.” The pair finished eighth with a score of 60.48.
The third Russian pair of Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov overcame a fall to finish fourth on 65.02.
Smirnov and Kavaguti won the 2010 European title in Tallinn, and have twice won bronze at the world championships.
Japanese-born Kavaguti, also known as Kawaguchi, teamed up with Smirnov to compete for Russia in 2006 after previously representing Japan and the United States.
Kavaguti became a Russian citizen and competed with Smirnov at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where they were third after the short program, but dropped to fourth after a poor free skate.

I'm still shocked with Russian pairs..
by Kudryavka
28 Mar 2012, 20:38
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

I guess that Canadian refused to work for its favorite's enemy... :plush34:

Thank you dustman!! very google-friendly article :-)

Evgeni Plushenko: "I am confident that Russia will get medals!"

Olympic champion of Turin 2006 comments to "KP" world championship.

- This season I'm missing the championship because I had surgery on the meniscus. But the competition watch with curiosity, I look how my opponents perform - particularly Japanese. And, of course, watch our Artur Gachinsky.
At the competition there are many interesting athletes, it's hard to say who will be the first. I am confident that Russia will get medals and possible in Pairs - gold. Very strong is Trankov and Volosozhar. And, of course, Smirnov with Kawaguchi. Pair Bazarova - Larionov I also like. In the men's skating I do not think that for Russia will be rewards. Although I wish to all our figure skaters to win!

For me, this season is over. But the doctors say the surgery on the meniscus was successful. I am ready to work. I have already agreed with a new choreographer, an Italian, we will put short and free programs. David Avdish remains my undisputed mentor of workouts . He is my good friend, I consider him as second coach. So that process has already begun, this year I will have a lot of shows . I will more skate for the public, represent my programs, to better prepare for next season. And in September I already have to start general test skates before the competitions .
Is this correct? :smu:sche_nie:
by Kudryavka
29 Mar 2012, 07:37
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

Men's SP Starting Order

Time Schedule

Friday, March 30,2012

Warm-Up Group 1 (12:30 - 13:16)
3 Min-Seok KIM KOR
4 Javier RAYA ESP
6 Justus STRID DEN

Warm-Up Group 2 (13:16 - 14:03)
8 Denis TEN KAZ
11 Christopher CALUZA PHI
12 Misha GE UZB

Ice Resurfacing (14:03 - 14:18)

Warm-Up Group 3 (14:18 - 15:04)
17 Alexander MAJOROV SWE

Warm-Up Group 4 (15:04 - 15:51)
19 Patrick CHAN CAN
23 Jeremy ABBOTT USA

Ice Resurfacing (15:51 - 16:06)

Warm-Up Group 5 (16:06 - 16:52)
26 Florent AMODIO FRA
27 Yuzuru HANYU JPN
28 Takahiko KOZUKA JPN

by Kudryavka
29 Mar 2012, 18:12
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Partial translation.

1.4.2012, Sun

Third Place at the first World Championships
- Yuzuru Hanyu has bigger dream than Gold medal

text by Aoshima Hirono
photo by Noto Sunao(a presto)

(Analyzing by this journalist: 17 years old world bronze medalist Yuzuru Hanyu is more precocious than Patrick Chan, who won the first world medal at 18. Yuzuru won't be puffed up but push himself more forward. Though the bronze medal was surprising for him.)


Yuzuru Hanyu's aim is not to become just an ordinary champion.

"Of course I aim to become a world champion. But not one-time champion. I want to keep winning. - Hanyu said. "Moreover, I want to become a skater who can completely outdistance the rivals. Because I've been looking up to Evgeni Plushenko for a long time."

Yes, his role model is three-time World champion, seven-time European champion, medalist at three consecutive Olympic Games, "the champion who keeps winning" Evegeni Plushenko.

In fact, Plushenko also recognizes Hanyu. When they meet at ice shows, Plushenko always said to him, "Overcome me", "Beat me".

So, 17 years old is not too early to win a medal at the World championships if his role model is Plushenko. This bronze medal is a starting point for his goal of becoming "the champion who keeps winning".

Congratulations on your first medal at Worlds :bra_vo:
by Kudryavka
01 Apr 2012, 18:01
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Опубликовано 02 Апреля 2012 г.

Сергей Воронов: Плющенко ругают те, кто ему завидует

Еще не так давно он был готов бросить перчатку самому Евгению ПЛЮЩЕНКО. Но первые успехи, вероятно, вскружили голову молодому парню - он потерял место в сборной. Сегодня Сергей ВОРОНОВ снова пытается взобраться на вершину спортивного олимпа. А вдохновляет его на это любимая девушка.

- Евгений Плющенко снова вернулся на лед. Если бы он не отказался ехать на чемпионат мира, вы бы туда не попали.
- Можно сказать, что мне повезло. Теперь, с возвращением Плющенко, попасть в сборную России стало еще сложнее. Но, знаете, я все равно рад, что он вернулся. Евгений - крутой парень, он - как стержень, вокруг которого все крутится. И еще Плющенко очень силен духом, никогда не сдается. В этом плане он для меня пример. Возвращение Плющенко, безусловно, подстегнуло всех его соперников. А те, кто говорит всякие гадости в адрес Евгения, просто ему завидуют.

- Вы верите, что однажды можете его обыграть?
- На чемпионате России-2010 я откатал короткую программу лучше, чем Плющенко. И Евгений признал это публично, хотя ему тогда поставили более высокие оценки. Сам факт того, что Плющенко сделал такое признание, уже говорит о его высоких человеческих качествах. Но в произвольной он у меня выиграл очень много и заслуженно стал первым.
by Kudryavka
02 Apr 2012, 14:39
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Таня, а Мишин был очень зол на Артура после кп? Я этот момент упустила.
A Japanese girl who went to Nice said that Mishin seemed to have some anger toward Artur after SP or FS. (sorry I forget which.) Though I think it was just a momentary feeling. Alexei Nikolaevich is also only human. Or, maybe he got mad at himself.
by Kudryavka
05 Apr 2012, 18:46
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

I think Zhenya doesn't need to go to Canada. If Russia has only 1 spot, then he will fight for it. The young guys do need more spots.
Even if he would be beaten by someone younger guy, it's his fate, I'll accept it.

TBH, I'm worried only about Zhenya. I just don't wanna see that Zhenya alone will be in Chanada :plush44:
by Kudryavka
06 Apr 2012, 20:39
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

For me, it will be a big surprise in 2013 IF someone-not-Plushenko will volunteer to act as a skater who have to save Russia's spots. If Gachinski himself wants to act the difficult role but fail again, IMO, it may risk his sporting career. At least, mentally. :plush38:
I can understand why coaches say like "Plushenko will save Russia again", wituout thinking, whether he wants to be chosen or not. Of course this is only a story of "possibility". Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow :plush35:
by Kudryavka
09 Apr 2012, 09:05
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic
Очень интересное интервью Аллы Шеховцовой.
EV: Were you sorry Joubert was not medalled in Nice even though he skated great?
AS: I was. Brian is one of the skaters who people would come to see. Like Pluschenko. One can skate beautifully, perform all the jumps and steps, but leave the crowd cold. Everyone likes to see emotions. I reckon if there were two shows with Joubert and Pluschenko vs Chan and someone else the crowd would rather see Pluschenko and Joubert.

EV: Even though their components are not considered high?
AS: As a judge I can't say their components are not high. For instance, what is `performance'? It's the energy the skater projects to the crowd. No one can compare to Joubert and Pluschenko in that. Both their dancing ability is quite high. Joubert's weakest component were always the transactions, but he took it very seriously this year and worked on that. Or at least hid it well enough. After Pluschenko's skate in the Europeans I saw many people in tears. I wanted just to stand up and take my hat off.

Here is an aother translation. :plush32:
- Didn't you feel sorrow, that at Nice Brian Joubert didn't get a medal even with such a brilliant performance?
- I did. Because thanks to skaters like Brian, the people filling the stadiums. Like him and like Evgeny Plushenko. You can skate very beautiful, you can show a great spins or step sequences, and still the public will remain indifferent. The people always going to the show where they will be touched emotionally. I think, if one show would announce - "Evgeny Plushenko and Brian Joubert", and another show - "Patrik Chan and anyone else", the public will choose Plushenko and Joubert.

- Even they both are considered as "non component" skaters?
- As a jadge, I cannot say that they are "non-component". What is it "performance"? - it's the energy, which the skater transfer to the public. At this aspect no one can compete with Plushenko or Joubert. And they both has very high level of choregrafic qualification.
by Kudryavka
13 Apr 2012, 08:41
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Женя-победитель ПРЕМИИ ЖУРНАЛА HELLO! «САМЫЕ СТИЛЬНЫЕ В РОССИИ 2012» номинация- САМЫЙ СТИЛЬНЫЙ МУЖЧИНА! :plush45: :plush46: :-):!/TrendSpace_ru/status/192674454164348928
Where was held this event? Moscow? :plush38:
I had thought Pasquale Camerlengo came to St.Petersburg on Monday, and choreographs from Tuesday to 26th April (for 10 days). After that Zhenya will go to Rimini, and Mishin will go to Dubai. Maybe I was wrong or they work in Novogorsk?
by Kudryavka
19 Apr 2012, 07:02
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Re: Видео (разные) || Various videos

For killing time until premiere. :-):

Pasquale Camerlengo: "I don't like normal programs"
November 13, 2011 By Reut Golinsky

Recent works of Pasquale Camerlengo.



SP - Hungarian March by Hector Berlioz + La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie) by Gioacchino Rossini + 1812 Ouverture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (2011-12)

FS - La vie en rose (2011-12)


FS - Piano Trio No. 2 in E-flat major by Franz Schubert (2010-11)

Yasuharu NANRI

FS - Carmen by Georges Bizet + Carmen Suite by Rodion Shchedrin (06-08, 10-11)

FS - Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo (2008-10)


FS - Symphony No. 3 in C minor by Camille Saint-Saens (2009-10)


FS - Blues for Klook by Eddy Louis (2011-12)

FS - Invierno Porteño by Astor Piazzolla (2010-11)

FS - La Strada (2009-10)


FS - Air and Toccata & Fugue by J.S. Bach (2011-12)


SP - Carmina Burana hip-hop version by Carl Orff (2011-12)

SP - Singin' in the Rain by Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed (2010-11)

FS - Michael Jackson Medley (2010-11)


SP - Japanese Kodo Drums by Kodo (2010-12)

FS - The Untouchables by Ennio Morricone (2011-12)

EX - All That You Are by the Goo Goo Dolls (2011-12)


SP - La Fiesta Mondiale by TGV Musique + Lai Lai Lai (2011-12)

FS - from "Transformers" soundtrack: Arrival to Earth + Sector 7 + Matrix of Leadership + Aoccent Attack by Steve Jablonsky (2011-12)


SP - Piano in Concerto by Maksim Mrvica (2011-12)

FS - Teardrop by Massive Attack + Children by Robert Miles + Safri Duo (2011-12)


SP - Art on Ice by Edvin Marton (2011-12)

FS - Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev (2011-12)



FS - Die Fledermaus Ouverture by Johann Strauss (2011-12)

FS - Musical "Fiddler on the Roof" by Jerry Bock (2010-11)

* Bonus: made by his wife Krylova :) Music arranged by Edvin Marton


SP - Polka (Circus) by Alfred Schnittke + La Strada by Nino Rota (2010-11)


SP - La Vie en rose (2011-12)

FS - Valse Triste by Jean Sibelius (2011-12)

FS - Winter and Spring by George Winston (2010-11)


Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJE

SD - Historia de un amor by Perez Prado (Rhumba) + Batacuda by DJ Dero (Samba) (2011-12)
* mayby collaboration by Camerlengo & Krylova & Bourne

FD - Je Suis Malade performed by Lara Fabian (2011-12)

Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZAT

SD - "Carnival in Rio": Mas que Nada, Batucada, Real in Rio (2011-12)

FD - "Mummy and Pharaoh": Passion, In the Garden, Le Retour de Punt, Alf Layla Wa Layla (2011-12)

Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUE

SD - Latin medley (Mambo, Rhumba, Samba) (2011-12)

FD - I Put a Spell On You by Joe Cocker (2011-12)


SD - Mas Que Nada (Rhumba) + Magdalena (Samba) by Sergio Mendes (2011-12)

FD - Tristan and Isolde by Maxime Rodriguez (2011-12)
by Kudryavka
23 Apr 2012, 12:50
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